Find it. Cook it. Eat it. Craft it.

The Roadkill Art app is designed to make finding roadkill easy. Whether you’re someone looking for game meat or a taxidermist looking to create art, The Roadkill App is perfect for you!

Be a Roadkill Reporter

A function of the app allows you to report the location of a roadkill find on the map. If you come across roadkill or accidentally hit an animal on the road, mark it. Large, small, fresh or old, even if you take the animal for yourself, you’ll be alerting others of a potential future hot spot.

Expert Advice

Fresh roadkill meat especially from big game can provide quite a few meals.

Antelope, whitetail & mule deer, elk, moose, and pronghorn, can be turned into tasty steaks, burgers, roast, ribs, backstraps, and stew meat.

Whether or not you are skilled at processing roadkill, isn’t an issue either. In our Roadkill Art videos you’ll find lots of handy tips and instructions on how to either handle processing yourself, or how and where to drop off your roadkill to a local processor.

In fact, we have a whole Roadkill Art video series featuring experts in taxidermy, roadkill, processing, fishing, hunting, and frog gigging who invite you into their world and provide all kinds of information on how you too can take outdoor skills into your own hands.