minisode 1:  Beaver Bit the Dust 

In this minisode John and Jonathon set out to dismantle a beaver dam after the beavers demise, now roadkill. Watch and find out if the critter built a dam too tough for outdoor expert John Criminger and his first mate Jonathon Portman to bring down. Will there once again be flowing water through the Criminger property or is the beaver still winning even from the grave? 

minisode 2:  Gone Fishing for Lunch 

In this minisode John Criminger takes his buddy Matt on a fishing trip with a mission of catching 30 catfish just as his brother did the day before. John never misses stopping to say hello to other fishermen he comes across, he wants to know if they caught any catfish and where on the river they caught these fish. Find out if John reeled in the quota he is hopping to achieve! You might even get tips on how to skin a fish and cook it up fresh right in thereat outdoors! 

minisode 3:  Frog Gigging 

In this minisode John Criminger takes his daughter Bree and young hunting buddy Stephen frog gigging. They have entered the South Carolina Frog Gigging Contest, which they won for catching the biggest frogs, afterwards they had a big family frog fry!

minisode 4:  Criminger Kids in Training 

In this minisode John Criminger works hands on with daughters Bree and Brook and niece Autumn in the kitchen walking them through the steps for making Duck Goose Stew, while showing Jonathon what it takes to get the meat for Duck Goose Stew, which the entire Criminger Posse enjoys for dinner. 

minisode 5:  The Boss is Away 

In this minisode John Criminger has got to go out of town on family business on his busiest day of the week during deer season. John’s right hand man Jonathon is to open the shop early Saturday morning but was quite late due to early morning duck hunting, the very new guy had to open by himself. Find out if the new guy was able to open shop and handle the big load of customers.

minisode 6:  They Get Er Done 

In this minisode the entire Criminger Posse pitch’s in together to help get a forgetful customers deer meet for his wedding, happening in a few short hours. John Criminger is the best deer processor in the area, hunters drop off deer for processing daily during deer season. John can have as many as 15 deer to process in a day, this forgetful hunter puts him in a bind but John and his Posse pull through for a wedding. 

minisode 7:  How to Skin a Deer

In minisode 7 John Criminger will take you step by step how to skin your deer. If you skin a deer right you will enhance the flavor of your deer meat, if you don’t skin a deer right your meat will not taste as delicious as it should.

minisode 8: Steaks, Tenderloins, Roast and Burgers

In minisode 8 John Criminger shows how to get deer steaks and roasts from the hind quarters, tenderloins from the back straps and burger from the ribs. John encourages everyone to learn to process deer meat, eat deer meat, eat lots of deer meat!

minisode 9:  Hes Got Guts

In minisode 9 John has guts, lots and lots of guts! The law insist he must get rid of these guts, John convinces a local farmer to dig him a hole. With no help from his disappearing posse watch and find out not only how much guts John has but if he can handle all the guts on his own!

minisode 10:  We Cook it We Eat it!

In minisode 10 John proves he not only cooks what the Criminger Posse brings home but they eat every last drop as well, nothing goes to waist! Even scraps from deer processing are turned into deer jerky and boy does the posse love to get their hands on Johns deer jerky!

minisode 11:  Making Roadkill Art

In minisode 11 John shows how much roadkill gets dropped off for him to either make in to art, eat or both. John and his posse happily accept roadkill from locals, they also find roadkill on their own, sometimes they even go out hunting the streets for that prize squirrel or deer.